Along with jade and pearl jewelry the amber is 1 of the most ancient stones used for the making of jewelry. Ruby was well known to the ancient Greeks — mentions from it are identified in treatises of Aristotle and Plato. Several years ago people didn’t know how to form amber so this beautiful stone was covered with numerous legends.

In ancient Greece amber was known as the petrified tears of the gods. By its type amber is an organogenic stone precisely the same definition has corals agate and pearls. Ruby is nothing but the frozen and petrified resin of trees that they grew on Earth regarding 35-40 million years in the past. This amber is identified in large numbers within the Baltic sea coast. Today they are known amber debris that more than 100 million years of age.
The color of this stone can differ greatly the lightest amber may be pale yellow nearly white and the darkest stones have a abundant dark brown color. The company have the ability to distinguish more than 300 shades of amber. Being a stone of organic origin amber can transform the color under the influence of temperature. In Historic Rome amber was offered a richer color color by boiling it in honey.
Today this beautiful rock can be used to make charms such as beads, bracelets or earrings. Due to its amorphous structure the amber processing lends well therefore the various images and ornaments can end up being cut on its area. You easily find created cigarette holders, handles intended for walking sticks, earrings bins and much more.
Around the official site Amberholding you could find more than 3000 products of amber products in store Elephant (Svetlogorsk). When choosing an amber rings focus on the color of your skin and attention. For darker women is usually yellow with white-veined, funeste amber, black, and green.
For white-skinned women are emphasized by tea-colored and lemon-colored amber. Also right now is popular the red amber which suitable for anyone color type and stress the face.

Like agate or carnelian amber may have a very beautiful iridescence which look incredibly beautiful. Well-chosen earrings and necklaces can easily cause the admiration of anyone. When buying amber beads it is important that are all will certainly be the same size and tone. The same applies to necklaces and necklaces. The alternation of light and dark elements looks very impressive.
Amber also looks wonderful in such rings as pendant. The best choice would be a au cours de with a stone of an oval or teardrop shape.